Quibids is amongst the various penny auction sites which are listed as trusted sites. It is probably the most popular and well-known penny auction site currently online. As with many of the top penny auction sites, Quibids was founded back in 2009 from Oklahoma US. It operates in the UK and European countries and has its registered office in London.

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How Quibid Works

Quibids - For each bid placed on an item, the price goes up by one penny. The timer increases by 20 seconds each time a bid is placed near the end of the auction. The last person to bid is the winner. 

Main Features:


The auto-bidder here is known as bid-o-matic. It will bid for you according to your specification when you are not online or if you are in a different time zone. There are certain restrictions on bid-o-matic which need to be followed. Only 3-25 bids may be placed in bid-o-matic. It will bid once the timer shows below 20 seconds. It could be set up at any time of the auction but not on auctions with 1 second remaining. The maximum price which is to set on it should be greater than the current auction price. Only one bid-o-matic can be set up per auction. With the right strategy in place, the Bid-O-Matic feature can be gamebreaking.

Buy Now

The buy-now feature on quibids ensures that nobody is left empty handed in the auction. A bidder can buy the product after the closing of auction. This is a great feature because even if you lose the auction… you can still buy what you were bidding on with the bids that you placed.


Quibids claim that it has built the website after taking multiple feedback from their customers. We’ve found that this has really payed off as It is hence a very customer friendly site and has won accolades for having a superior functionality and appearance as compared to other penny auction sites. It has also been the finalists for the 2010 Red Herring North America 100 award which is especially given to firms having the best private technology. These awards have entrusted the customers which has allowed Quibids to grow rapidly over the past 24 months.


lastly there is an interesting feature on quibids which appears to be unique in the penny auction industry – Games. We’ve tested a few of them and they are indeed good fun. But the best part about them is that you can win bids! However there is a catch, you have to win what is called ‘Game Play’ before you can even participate in a game.

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